Artist Reflection: Discovery of Sight

What does it mean to truly see?

The expansion and evolution of science explains many of the mysteries that left the ancient thinkers in the dark, but what does it mean to truly see? Is it the pursuit of knowledge to find the so-called right answer? Is it finding the grace to admit when one is wrong? Is it discovering the flexibility to change one’s mind?

That’s where our program takes us. We marvel at the achievements of science that have helped us to shed light on the world around us. We lean on spirituality to provide a mysterious guiding light. We rely on our loved ones to help light a candle when we are lost. The circumstances of our lives – the sun-soaked gaiety as well as the storms that leave us in darkness – always beg us to see more broadly and more clearly. What happens when we expand our field of view? Often, the effects are irreversible.

Zac Colby
Tenor and Artistic Council