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Acclaimed as “the premier men’s vocal ensemble in the United States” (Fanfare), Cantus engages audiences in a meaningful music experience and ensures the future of ensemble singing by mentoring young singers and educators. Cantus was founded on the ideals of collaborative music-making: The ensemble works together to reach new levels of artistic excellence, innovation and audience engagement. Our vision is to give voice to the shared human experience.


Aaron Humble, tenor

I love hearing how a piece grows and matures over the course of a season or longer.

Paul J. Rudoi, tenor

Who is my favorite superhero? Rocky from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Gary Ruschman, tenor

Cantus provides a great opportunity to inspire, engage and share important stories with audiences.

Shahzore Shah, tenor

I find new music and fusing music from different traditions especially meaningful, having been primarily influenced by my mother, a pianist who loves the music of J.S. Bach and my father, an Indian poet who loves Bollywood hits.

David Walton, tenor

Juan Diego Florez is a vocal role model for solid technique and beautifully balanced tone, dedicating himself fully to the musical line and the composer’s message.

Adam Reinwald, baritone

Bringing our art, our statement, to people across the country and learning about their take on what we sing is fascinating.

Matthew Tintes, baritone

I am a television and film connoisseur. Becoming engrossed in a new reality is fascinating to me.

Chris Foss, bass

My perfect day? Coffee, then singing great music. Maybe a donut afterwards.

Samuel Green, bass

I’m looking forward to creating lasting memories and friendships with the other singers and staff of Cantus.