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Acclaimed as “the premier men’s vocal ensemble in the United States” (Fanfare), Cantus engages audiences in a meaningful music experience and ensures the future of ensemble singing by mentoring young singers and educators. Cantus was founded on the ideals of collaborative music-making: The ensemble works together to reach new levels of artistic excellence, innovation and audience engagement. Our vision is to give voice to shared human experiences.

Zachary Colby, tenor

I am a CRAZY fan of the music of Britten.

Adam Fieldson, tenor

As a member of Cantus, I want us to take a tour to Germany more than anywhere else. I’ve been studying German on for about 3 months and would love to test my chops. Also, I love good beer!

Chris Foss, bass

I want people to know that as a company, Cantus could probably go head-to-head with any other company in a per-capita donut-eating contest.

Matthew Goinz, baritone

I’m just a little obsessed with all things Bernstein.

Samuel Green, bass

Cantus is unlike any other vocal group you will see or hear. Every program we stage and each piece of music we perform has nine artists’ fingerprints on it.

Paul John Rudoi, tenor

My favorite way of finding music is via the Cantus van on tour.

Paul Scholtz, tenor

I think it’s so important in our world to actively practice building healthy communication and relationships, and Cantus is an example of what that communication and collaboration can create.

Joe Shadday, tenor

I love traditional Irish pub music. It’s vivacious, exciting, and each song tells a uniquely individual story.

Matthew Tintes, baritone

The secret power I most want is teleportation. If I could get anywhere without having to take the time to travel there, that would be awesome!