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Acclaimed as “the premier men’s vocal ensemble in the United States” (Fanfare), Cantus engages audiences in a meaningful music experience and ensures the future of ensemble singing by mentoring young singers and educators. Cantus was founded on the ideals of collaborative music-making: The ensemble works together to reach new levels of artistic excellence, innovation and audience engagement. Our vision is to give voice to the shared human experience.

Zachary Colby, tenor

Cantus is as fun as it looks!

Chris Foss, bass

A “cantus” is also the name for an activity organized by European students that mainly involves getting together to sing very old songs while drinking beer. Any similarities between the two are purely coincidental…

Matthew Goinz, baritone

Leonard Bernstein’s passion for life, for theatre, for music, for teaching – it’s overwhelming and inspirational.

Samuel Green, bass

My iPod is a time machine that shows the development of my musical tastes over the years. I will be a mess the day that it stops working.

Aaron Humble, tenor

We have a fantastic singing tradition here in Minnesota—but it pales in comparison to some of the traditions we will examine around the world where literally everybody sings.

Blake Morgan, tenor

I had two big dreams when I was a kid: play professional basketball and become a rockstar; I guess Cantus is the next best thing…

Paul John Rudoi, tenor

Cantus is made up of nine individual artists coming together to create the best music we can make.

Shahzore Shah, tenor

We deliberate over everything from placing a breath in a musical phrase, to determining how best to engage with students in education work. Everything we do has purpose and value.

Matthew Tintes, baritone

I enjoy telling people about the collaborative nature of our company. It really is so rare to get to work like this, and being able to work in that environment with so many talented people is fantastic.