Let Your Voice Be Heard (2001)

“(a) blend of unusual and familiar repertory…combined with the passion and purity of these voices, puts the disc among the truly special few.” – Stereophile Magazine

This recording is an eclectic mix of music from all over the world. The selections range in style from “El Yivneh Hagalil,” a Hebrew folk song, to “Dulaman,” an Irish dance, and a unique Georgian wedding song. Familiar favorites “Danny Boy” and “Loch Lomond” and exhilarating performances of pieces such as “What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor” and “One By One” add to the energy and diversity of the program.

CD (includes shipping): $20.00

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Track Listing

1. Let Your Voice Be Heard
Abraham Adzenyah
2. Dravidian Dithyramb
Victor Paranjoti
3. El Yivneh Hagalil
Peter Sozio
4. Nukapianguac
ad. Stephen Hatfield
5. Dulámán
Michael McGlynn
6. What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor?
arr. Parker/Shaw
7. Songs from Matengo Folktales
Peter Hamlin
8. Mata del Anima Sola
Antonio Estévez
9. Shen Khar Venakhi
harm. Zachary Paliashvili
10. K’ang-ting Love Song
arr. Jameson Marvin
11. She Moved Through the Fair
arr. Timothy C. Takach
12. Domaredansen
Otto Olsson
13. Loch Lomond
arr. Michael Hanawalt
14. Danny Boy
arr. Erick Lichte
15. Shenandoah
arr. James Erb
16. Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder
arr. Robert DeCormier
17. Were You There
arr. Robert Scholz
18. One by One
Lebo M.
19. Let Your Voice Be Heard
Abraham Adzenyah