Live Vol. 2 (2006)

Cantus presents live cuts from 2004-2006. Highlights include collaborations with the Saint Olaf Choir (“Beautiful Savior” and “Our Father”), guest conductors Dale Warland and Anton Armstrong and performances by Cantus’ tenth anniversary reunion choir (“Alleluia,” “Ave Maria,” and “Salvation is Created”). Also included on this eclectic disc is the premiere of “Private First Class Jesse Givens” (later retitled “Last Letter Home”), a setting of a letter from a fallen U.S. soldier in Iraq by American composer Lee Hoiby.


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Detailed Track Listing


1. Absalon, fili mi
attr. Josquin des Pres
2. Private First Class Jesse Givens
Lee Hoiby
3. Remember Me
Halsey Stevens
4. Salvation is Created (Cantus alumni)
Pavel Chesnokov
5. Alleluia (Cantus alumni)
Randall Thompson
6. Ave Maria (Cantus alumni) Franz Biebl
7. Our Father (with the St. Olaf Choir)
Alexandre Gretchaninoff
8. Beautiful Saviour (with the St. Olaf Choir)
Silesian folk tune, arr. F. Melius Christiansen
9. Los Pastores
Ariel Ramirez
10. Mata del Anima Sola
Antonio Estevez
11. When She Loved Me
Randy Newman, arr. Erick Lichte
12. How Can I Be Sure
Cavaliere/Brigati Jr., arr. Timothy C. Takach
13. Stick to the Craythur
Irish Drinking Song, arr. Alan Dunbar
14. Who’s Loving You
Smokey Robinson, arr. Timothy C. Takach