Teacher and student testamonials

What teachers and students say about working with Cantus

“The work with my students has been a fantastic motivator and a wonderful example for my students, especially the young men.”

“(Our students) loved how relational the members of Cantus were to them. It increased their passion for choral music and for choral ensembles. It brought them closer together as a choir.”

“It was a great opportunity for our students to work with professional male singers, see how a professional ensemble works, hear a variety of styles and genres of choral music, and hear other high school choral programs.”

“Cantus’ presence gave my students additional motivation to sing well and commit to the act of interpreting music. Singing with the other schools and their directors was an excellent experience in listening, blending to other ensemble ideas and being musically flexible.”

“They were a great example of good choral sound. They helped to motivate the kids – positive reinforcement. The combined concert (for the High School Residency) was a great “goal” for them.”

“Any time you get outside input there is an opportunity to find new ways to express ideas, which increases the possibility that students will grasp musical and technical concepts.  As a teacher it pushes me to work even harder to make sure students reach their potential.”

“The Master Class in Ely was awesome. What a difference in the sound! Thanks, Cantus, for coming up to Ely and sharing your gift of music with us!”