On the Shoulders of Giants (2012)

Sir Isaac Newton famously said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” There are artists who have left an indelible mark in music with works that are both timeless and instantly recognizable. The newest release from Cantus, “On the Shoulders of Giants,” celebrates the influence and inspiration of composers who have come before us. Including repertoire that spans nearly a thousand years from “Sederunt”—one of the first known works of polyphony—to U2’s “MLK,” along with works by Sibelius, Mendelssohn, Schubert and Randall Thompson, Cantus delivers performances with its trademark warmth and blend.


CD (includes shipping): $20.00

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Detailed Track Listing

1. Sederunt

2. If Ye Love Me
Thomas Tallis

3. Cantate Domino
Hans Leo Hassler

4. Crucifixus
Claudio Monteverdi

5. O Vos Omnes
Tomás Luis de Victoria

6. MLK
U2, arr. Chilcott

7. Lift Thine Eyes
Felix Mendelssohn

8. The Finlandia Hymn
Jean Sibelius

9. Kaksikpühendus: 1. Ühte laulu tahaks laulda
Veljo Tormis

10. Kaksikpühendus: 2. Tähed
Veljo Tormis

11. Die Nacht
Franz Schubert

12. Die Rose stand im Tau
Robert Schumann

13. Zikr
A. R. Rahman, arr. Sperry

14. Esti Dal
Zoltán Kodály

15. Alleluia Randall Thompson

16. Hard Times Come Again No More
Stephen Foster, arr. Moore

17. Somewhere Leonard Bernstein