Anthem (2015)

Why do we sing? The world is full of traditions and customs of people gathering and singing together. Anthems help us express our identity and create a way for communities to show support for a cause, a heritage or even a sports team! This new recording from Cantus explores how various cultures join together in song, covering everything from the Bollywood-infused “Wedding Qawwali” to a Balinese monkey chant to the celebrated Irish folk tune, “Danny Boy.”

Anthem features six new tracks from Cantus recorded live in concert from their Fall 2014 program of the same name, exhibiting the energy and excitement that live performance creates!  Available exclusively in a download card format.

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Track Listing

1. When We Sing – Rosephanye Powell
2. Khorumi – Mamia Khatelishvili
3. Tjak! – Balinese Monkey Chant, arr. Stephen Hatfield
4. Dúlamán – Michael McGlynn
5. Danny Boy – Irish Folk Song, arr. Jameson Marvin
6. Wedding Qawwali – A. R. Rahman, arr. Ethan Sperry

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