Artist Reflection: For the Beauty of the Earth

One of my favorite things about singing with Cantus is that this job has taken me all over the world.

While on tour in the United States, I’ve sung on the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean, stood at the mouth of the Grand Canyon, and felt sunshine on my face in Florida while the rest of Minnesota was still covered in snow. Abroad, I’ve seen the city of Bogotá, Colombia from the church at Monserrate, 10,341 feet above sea level; rehearsed on a cruise ship weaving through the Stockholm archipelago; and explored megacities in South Korea, China, and Taiwan.

I’m awed by Earth’s beauty, but as much as we all admire the natural wonders of this world, we tend to edit out less-appealing realities from the photos we share on social media. For instance, I’ve also driven by trash lining both sides of the highway, purchased countless bottles of water because the local tap water is unsafe to drink, and struggled to breathe polluted air in the world’s largest cities.

Sadly, we are imperfect stewards of the only home we’ll ever know – even when we continue to be inspired by its natural brilliance.

We hope that this music allows you to further appreciate the majesty and wonder of Earth, but also reflect on its fragility and what happens when the delicate balance of life is disrupted. Together, we can move forward with resolve to conserve and protect this planet that gives us so much.

Samuel Green

Bass and Education Outreach Coordinator