Announcing the Cantus Choral Series!

In partnership with composer and former Cantus bass Timothy C. Takach and Graphite Publishing, Cantus is excited announce the distribution of the Cantus Choral Series, featuring favorites from the ensemble’s library of signature arrangements and compositions! This new series makes many of Cantus’ most engaging and distinctive scores available for ensembles everywhere.

Titles published by Graphite include:

Been in the Storm, arr. Cantus

Raw emotion drives the pacing of this spiritual arrangement. A strong solo voice leads the singers, and blues-inspired harmonies pervade the accompaniment. “Been in the Storm” offers an introspective, prayerful moment in your concert program.

Luceat Eis, by Timothy C. Takach

Written to memorialize the 10th anniversary of 9/11, “Luceat Eis” is a dramatic work for men’s voices, unfolding gently as turmoil and murky harmonies give way to a glorious arrival of light. Stepwise motion in most voice parts make the individual lines and divisi accessible, but the long vocal lines will demand breath energy from the singers.

Nowell! Nowell! This is the Salutacion, arr. Gary Ruschman

This lively arrangement of the ancient carol is a wonderful addition to a holiday program. Accessible, chant-based voice leading and manageable ranges make this piece a great choice for developing TB choirs but retains enough depth for top level groups as well. A perfect concert opener!

Still, Still, Still, arr. Aaron Humble

In a warm treatment of this familiar carol, Humble has included both Austrian and an English translation for the first solo verse. With gentle voice leading and an adept knowledge of the tenor and bass voices, Humble’s writing brings a fresh sound to this carol.

The Turning, by Maura Bosch

Maura Bosch has created a quiet masterpiece. Working with patients in an anger management class, she used their words to craft the stunning libretto: a raw, honest portrait of humanity. These people are asking to be heard, and the musical setting amplifies their thoughts. The movements can be performed on their own, or together for a moving programmatic centerpiece. Suitable for advanced high school ensembles and up.

There’s a Meeting Here Tonight, by Bob Gibson, arr. Cantus

An audience pleaser and a singer favorite in the same song! Bob Gibson’s tune shines in this Cantus arrangement, inspired by Joe & Eddie’s amazing recording. Simple two-part harmonies are surrounded by rich 4-part chords and call and response writing. This arrangement has become one of Cantus’ signature songs.