Artist Blog: What Cantus Means To Me

Samuel Green

How many years did you sing with Cantus? When did you first hear about Cantus?

I am in my 7th season singing with Cantus! I first heard about Cantus when I was tumbling down a YouTube rabbit hole in 2006 while still in high school. I think the first song I heard was Yhinx by Abbie Betinis.

Through your time with Cantus, what has remained the same?

Chris Foss. Seriously though, Chris’ musicality and creativity are inspiring, and his friendship is stalwart and heartwarming. It’s a privilege to sing with him every day! 

What has changed?

I have! During my time here, I’ve matured beyond my beliefs into a thoughtful and proficient Artist and human being thanks to Cantus’ collaborative model and the wonderful colleagues I’ve had the pleasure to create with over the years. Music is life-changing work.  

What are most proud of when you reflect on your time with Cantus?

Performing in the world’s most prestigious concert halls — Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center — has been a highlight, and selling out Orchestra Hall for our collaboration with Chanticleer will forever be etched in my mind; however, I am most proud of fulfilling our mission and vision through programs like “Would You Harbor Me?”, and our collaboration with Amanda Weber and Voices of Hope at the Shakopee Women’s Correctional Facility. I am a changed person thanks to the art that Cantus creates.

What would you like to say to Cantus fans and donors?

Simply, thank you. The work that we do with students, the art that we create for audiences, and the community we foster at home in the Twin Cities and on the road are all dependent on the generosity of people like you. We know that you trust the artists, and you believe in the work that we do. It is humbling, and I am sincerely grateful for your support.

What’s your favorite performance memory?

On our China tour a few years ago, I had the honor of addressing the audience each night in their native language! It was definitely more than a little stress-inducing, — and I’ll never forgive my colleagues for unanimously choosing me for the job — but it has become one of my fondest on-stage memories, so I suppose I can forget and forgive. Also… Dà Jiā Hǎo!!