Educational Outreach

In addition to concert performance, Cantus is available to provide Education Outreach activities to benefit your community.  Inquire for more information.

Master Classes & Workshops

Cantus master classes are high-energy events with full participation from the 8-member Cantus ensemble.  Our goal is not to coach individual pieces but to teach concepts of singing and performing that will apply to your choir’s entire repertoire. A choir master class usually works best as a 60-90 minute event with time included for question and answers.

In-school performances

This is one of the best ways to reach elementary and junior high school children. Cantus will take your students on a trip around the world with delightful songs from many different lands and cultures. Along the way, students will hear Cantus tell the stories behind each of these songs, giving new appreciation for other cultures and a glimpse into the joy of singing. An in-school performance usually works best as a 45 minute event with time included for questions and answers.