Artist Spotlight

Samuel Green, bass

Cantus is unlike any other vocal group you will see or hear. Every program we stage and each piece of music we perform has eight artists’ fingerprints on it.

Artist Reflection: Discovery of Sight

Read what tenor Zac Colby has to about Cantus fall show “Discovery of Sight!”

Cantus Meets Sweet Honey in the Rock

…and gets ready for September 21 collaboration! by Paul Scholtz What a day! It’s been official for a couple of months now that Cantus has the honor of hosting Sweet Honey in the Rock at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis and today that collaboration became a lot more tangible. Early on in our conversations with Sweet […]

An Interview with Joe Heitz, Cantus Executive Director

We recently sat down with Cantus’ new Executive Director, Joe Heitz, who shared a bit more about his background, what brought him to Cantus, and his first two months on the job.