Artist Spotlight

Adam Fieldson, tenor

As a member of Cantus, I want us to take a tour to Germany more than anywhere else. I’ve been studying German on for about 3 months and would love to test my chops. Also, I love good beer!

A Reflection on “To My Brother”

Read about one person’s personal connection to a recent Cantus performance of their commission “To My Brother.”

Chantus. Canticleer.

Both following their own tour paths on the east coast, Cantus and Chanticleer came upon a rare chance to meet up and join forces, if only for one evening at a hotel bar. Watch the video and read about the experience here.

Cantus sings “Tango with God” by Ysaye Barnwell

While performing in Denver, Cantus visited the Colorado Public Radio studios and enjoyed singing selections from their program, “The Four Loves.” Here are two videos from that session!