JEFF REED (Chair) – Attorney (retired)

NANCY GASCHOTT (Vice Chair) – Consultant to Nonprofit Leaders

DAVID NILES (Treasurer) – Vice President, Avant Energy


PETE COCHRANE – Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Cargill (retired)

BRYAN FISHER – Director of Vocal and Choral Activities, Minneapolis Southwest High School

CHRIS FOSS – Bass, Cantus

THERESA GIENAPP – Director of Planned Giving, Macalester College

JONATHAN GUYTON – Principal, Cornerstone Wealth Advisors, Inc.

ELIZABETH DROTNING HARTWELL – Attorney, Heimerl & Lammers

PAUL JOHNSON  – Founder and President, Creative Fundraising Advisors

PAUL SCHOLTZ  – Tenor, Cantus

CRAIG SHULSTAD – Vice President, General Mills (retired)

KEVIN STOCKS – Executive Director, Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus

FRANK STUBBS – Non-Profit Executive (retired)

BARBARA THOMAS – Senior Program Manager, IT Mergers and Acquisitions, Medtronic

BETH ANNE THOMPSON – Associate Director for Alumni Professional Networks & Affinity Groups, St. Olaf College